Superannuation Guarantee (SG) Voucher 2024, What is It?

A superannuation guarantee (SG) voucher is no longer a common way to receive unpaid super contributions in Australia. The system was discontinued some time ago. However, you might still encounter an “SG voucher” mentioned in your super account. Here you will get to know what is a superannuation guarantee voucher in Australia.

sg voucher

Unpaid super from a previous employer: If you see an SG voucher credit, it probably represents unpaid superannuation from a former employer. This happens when an employer fails to meet their super obligations for an employee

The ATO recouped the shortfall: The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) identified the shortfall and recovered it from the employer. This recovered amount, including interest, is then paid to your super fund on your behalf.

Here’s what you can do:

No action required: You don’t necessarily need to take any specific action. The money is already deposited into your super account.
Consider choosing a super fund: If you don’t have a preferred super fund, you can use this opportunity to choose one and consolidate your super.

For more information about Super Guarantee contributions, you can visit the ATO website: [ATO Superannuation Guarantee for employers ON Australian Taxation Office]

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