Sunday, March 15, 2020

12 Mentors | Choreographers of India's Best Dancer with Teams - Sony TV

Sony TV aired India's Best Dancer reality show, Competition among the Young Solo Dancers started with a big buzz when power packed contestants gave the auditions. Now, India's Best Dancer TOP 12 / Best Barah Contestants got selected by Judges and they will be mentored and Choreographed by 12 Mentor Choreographers of the show. See who are the 12 Choreographers and Contestants associated with them in a Team.

Just Like Super Gurus in Super Dancer, India's Best Dancer gets 12 Mentors / Choreographers who will prepare the performances for the contestants in their teams. See Who is the Solo Dancer who is the Super guru Choreographer Mentors of that Specific Contestant.

Aishwarya Radhakrishan, Amardeep Singh Natt, Anuradha Iyenagar, Ashish Patil, Himanshu Parihar, Pankaj Thapa, Paul Marshal, Pratik Utekar, Sushant Khatri, Tushar Shetty, Vaibhav Ghuge, Vartika Jha are the TOP 12 Choreographers, Mentors of the India's Best Dancer Sony TV show.

Each Choreographer and Dancer Contestants are paired up as mentioned below and now they will give their performances together and solo to Win the ultimate title.

1) Sadhwi Majumdar - Himanshu Parihar
2) Rutuja Junnarkar - Ashish Patil
3) Tiger Pop - Vartika Jha
4) Md.Akib - Paul Marshal
5) Raj Sharma - Vaibhav Ghuge
6) Sonal Vichare - Tushar Shetty
7) Himanshi Gurheriya - Amardeep Singh Natt
8) Mukul Gain - Pratik Utekar
9) Subhranil Paul - Pankaj Thapa
10) Adnan Ahmed Khan - Sushant Khatri
11) Paramdeep Singh - Anuradha Iyengar
12) Swetha Warrier  - Aishwarya Radhakrishnan

Who is your favorite Choreographer or Mentor of India's Best Dancer Sony TV show? Comment below. Also, Keep Watching India's Best Dancer every Saturday and Sunday 8 PM to Support your favorite one.