Friday, September 8, 2017

Moksh, Dhanya Little Dancers from Surat, Gujarat - Super Dancer 2

Moksh and Dhanya are the Duo Dancer Contestants on Super Dancer Chapter 2. They are 7 Years old Little Dancer doing their Confident move and Uplift. Watch their Dance Performance and you'll Say they are born to Dance. See How Little mokshya lifted the Dhanya. It's Unbelievable.
mokshya dhanya

Moksh and Dhanya are the Little Dancer Contestants from Surat, Gujarat Trained by their Guru Hiren. Don't Miss to catch their Power Packed Dance Moves during the Auditions of Super Dancer Chapter 2.

Super Dancer Chapter 2 Starting from 30th September 2017. Every Saturday-Sunday 8 PM on Sony TV.


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